The case for a $2 Ripple

Remember that this is a case situation and no guarantee can be made on the outcome of your investment based on this knowledge.

I have studied the outcome of Bitcoin Cash being added to Coinbase and observed a 50% gain following the addition. The increase of 50% may sound small to what most people who invest in cryptocurrencies are use to, but one must realize how much the coin was before it was added to Coinbase. Sub-cent coins can easily experience a 1,000% increase, but then only be worth $.45. This small increase of 50% should not deter people from using the logic for other coins if there were to be placed on Coinbase, for 50% is only a dream in the stock market world.

In my excel spreadsheet analysis I have laid out three pages of information to help lay the case for Ripple and its price if it were to follow Bitcoin Cash and be added to Coinbase. NOTE: read the comments on the parts with a red triangle in the top right corner for they can be easy to miss. The comments are placed to help understand some of what is going on in the spreadsheet.

Page 1: The raw numbers of both Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. In the green it shows the out of what happened following the Coinbase addition for both coins. Obviously, Bitcoin Cash went up and following the hype there was a increase in the price of Ripple for some reason.

Page 2. Regression Analysis. There is a 70% correlation between the market caps of Ripple (Y-variable) and Bitcoin Cash (X-variable). Meaning that the two coins have been following each other somewhat closely the last month and with low p-values its safe to say there is some significance in looking at the two market caps in comparison.

Page 3. The price and market cap Ripple would have if it were to mirror the outcome of Bitcoin Cash. Roughly, a price of about $1.67 with a range of about $.50 depending on what happens to the price once I upload this article.

Again, this is an analysis with about a 70% significance. Anything can happen to the price if or when Coinbase decides to add Ripple to the website.

Below is the link to download the spreadsheet.

Ripple Analysis Excel Spreadsheet


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