A Random Walk (Cryptocurrency Picks)


Time New Bank (TNB)

At the time of writing this TNB has the following stats:

  • $0.205921 price per coin
  • $331,043,197 Market Cap
  • 1,607,622,325 Circulating Supply / 5,541,877,892 Total Supply

What is Time New Bank? Well to start off with, let’s assume that all the coins in this list are going to be using blockchain technology. That said, Time New Bank is essentially a coin that aims to make time a commodity. With TNB you will be able to take your time and sell that time to whoever you want. Or, if you feel like someone who’s time is not worth much today will be worth something later on, you can purchase that person’s time like an investment, wait until they get valuable, then sell that person’s time to somebody else. Sounds like one hell of an experiment to me, but with Charlie Shrem himself as an adviser for this company I would definitely put some thought into purchasing this coin.

Revain (R)

At the time of writing this R has the following stats:

  • $1.40 price per coin
  • $257,816,832 Market Cap
  • 184,450,000 Circulating Supply / 484,450,000 Total Supply

How much does the truth cost? Revain is a token that aims to tie together two main things: Artificial Intelligence and Honesty. More specifically, Revain wants to bring transparency into reviews. Think of it as the police of Yelp, where no review can be changed or deleted because they’re forever on the blockchain! As stated by a spokesperson of Revain, “A key component of our system is the interaction with the IBM Watson platform. Thanks to the Tone Analyzer service, we are able to automatically determine the emotional component of reviews. For example, in an unconstructive comment, Tone Analyzer will detect such factors as high Anger, Disgust and Sadness levels. These parameters don’t reach a similar level in constructive reviews. Important that all reviews, positive and negative, must be well supported by evidence. The user must provide evidence why he liked or did not like the product, service or company.”


At the time of writing this ELF has the following stats:

  • $2.58 price per coin
  • $644,175,000 Market Cap
  • 250,000,000 Circulating Supply / 260,000,000 Total Supply

The new Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network that looks to disrupt the blockchain. This coin is definitely one that I had a hard time wrapping my head around. After hours of research, I found a good analogy that hopefully can explain this coin with all due respect. Imagine a tree, the trunk of the tree is the main blockchain network that hold everything together and the branches are different industries such as finance or insurance. On each of these branches (industries) is even more branches that derive from the dominate branch (sidechains). aelf aims to be the main blockchain network that is capable of being running all the sidechains at the same time while still incorporating blockchain technology such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. To make it even more simpler to understand just take NXT coin and EOS coin throw them into a blender and out comes ELF.


At the time of writing this WAX has the following stats:

  • $1.00 price per coin
  • $493,245,381 Market Cap
  • 492,954,537 Circulating Supply / 1,850,000,000 Total Supply

To be honest, me mentioning that Mike Novogratz spoke greatly on this token should be enough reason for anyone to invest. Although as rationale people (I hope y’all are) it’s always good to do a little digging and see what a company is really about. The Worldwide Asset Excahnge is basically an online marketplace that aims to bring together buyers and sellers skins. WAX wants to bring together the entire virtual economy under one roof so that any item somebody could possibly want can be found at one single exchange. This is gamer paradise to me, a person can design their very own market place right on the exchange and start selling immediately without any sort of hassle. There’s a lot more detail to understand so i’ll just insert a link right here: Wax Token


At the time of writing this FOR has the following stats:

  • $0.113580 price per coin
  • $12,059,264 Market Cap
  • 106,174,186 Circulating Supply / 200,000,000 Total Supply

Taken from the FORCE website:

“ForceNet is a secure, anonymous and decentralized internet that anyone can use, all the way from simple end-user site hosting and file sharing to enterprise-grade services such as video streaming and VoIP. Based on a 3-tier network model, ForceNet combines the necessary elements from traditional internet services, such as global coverage, redundancy, scalability and high performance, with state of the art blockchain technology enabling high-grade encryption, anonymity and consensus, meaning that no single entity has the power to take down services and censor users and user assets. ForceNet aims to become the world’s first enterprise-grade, high-performance and fully scalable decentralized internet-like network, that is ready for mass adoption. We believe that a decentralized network is a more efficient and democratic structure than existing models and are building a robust backbone that will cater to today’s increasingly performance-hungry world of high-speed information.”



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