No Coin of the Week/Day (Quality Over Quantity)


First of all, I would like to thank the viewers of my channel for reading my content. It is a difficult task to push quality over quantity when other channels seem to push out content like a factory. With that being said, you can think about it like a balance between keeping up with the market and winning. Two HARD things to do in this new market unless you get lucky. Keeping up with the market is difficult to do, because by the time you find out about a coin through some hype YouTube video, the coin is already up 100%. Now was the coin that person mentioned a good coin? Probably for the moment, before a rush of people jumped in to make a quick a profit.

Of course as I mentioned many times before on Twitter, a lot of these coins are shit! The goal is to catch the inside scope of what others are thinking about a particular coin, then ride the wave up. This could be considered Pump and Dump although I think that term is strictly for really, really bad coins such as PACcoin which absolutely serves no purpose. In my opinion though we’re all here to make money and the line is drawn when people of particular power on social media begin to “hype” up coins for whatever reason. This is just plain wrong and needs to be stopped. I think an element of content creation that people forget is QUALITY. Yes it’s nice to have somebody hype a coin you know has no purpose, but for the victims at the bottom of the slope I feel like they were misled. Although it is the person guilty of watching the content is the 2nd fool, with the first fool mentioning how a coin is “hot”. No such thing as a “hot” coin, either the damn thing is good and has sustainability over the long term or is garbage and needs to be thrown away like the content creators themselves.

Alright, let’s get to some coin analysis don’t you think?

Wax (WAX), if you don’t know what this is already just know that it will be the token mainly used on a proposed virtual market platform for gaming skins. Why is this a big deal? You have a $50 billion dollar industry here at grabs for position taking and a company valued at below $1 billion. And no, who gives a damn about circulating supply because eventually all the coins will be released. That is a good metric to ride a quick profit wave, but in long term it doesn’t do much. You value a company based on the total shares that out there or will be out there because current circulating supply is CURRENT. The projected price involves the FUTURE aspects of a coin (or stock, I’m finance major so I keep going back to that realm). If you want to look at charts well go ahead look at the charts for Wax Token right here. What do you see? A relatively stable graph, right? Now what does this simple metric tell us? It says that this coin isn’t a hype coin and it is producing stable gains that can support itself and the company isn’t overvalued at the moment. You ask me how much do I think this token could be worth and I’ll have to say who knows because I’m not a genie. I could analyze it and break down my thoughts, but it’s best if I just give you the idea and let you marinate in it to think about future aspects of this company.

Nebulas (NAS), a decentralized platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains. I’m not going to use technical or fundamental analysis here instead I will put a link to their website and let you form an opinion. Click here to read about this blockchain 3.0 project! The basics are that the project aims to create a search engine built on value incentives you can think about how websites use SEO in order to get to the top of a Google page.



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