My name is Cole Horton and i’m a co-founder of H.A.R. Group LLC (an asset management firm that specializes in options and cryptocurrency) based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2014 by a colleague and invested into Bitcoin the very next year in 2015. My first investment into the crpytocurrency world was with Bitcoin Capital 3 (on the BnkToTheFuture platform ran by Simon Dixon), which at the time provided daily dividends in BTC.

Starting out with the OTC market in 2013, I took advantage of the Penny Pot Boom during the first half of 2014. In that time, U.S states began talks of fully legalizing marijuana which caused a mini surge of IPOs for Marijuana tech companies such as MedBox Inc (MDBX) and American Green (ERBB). Of course looking back at the market, it was evident that most, if not all the companies were pump and dump schemes. Equipped with this hard lesson learned, I moved back into Blue chip stocks and engaged in Warren Buffett type investing.

As of 2015, I split his focus on the stock market (looking for long term value) and crpytocurrency (with an emphasis on the real world utility of the blockchain technology). Cole Horton Channel is the blog to which you can find my thoughts on the cryptocurrency market and the possible world wide shift to blockchain technology. I am here as part of the community to help push for innovation and keep people informed on the revolution of cryptocurrency.

No financial advice is given on here as the blog is a space for discussion and information. Any decision you make based on reading his blogs is at your own risk and the outcome is never guaranteed.